Jose Chavarry


The story behind this image is that my daughter had recently started attending a school run by Carmelite nuns. They were holding their annual 5k race to raise money for the school.  A 5k race with nuns was a combination I couldn’t pass up.

I brought my phone with me hoping to capture images of nuns sprinting in their habit and running shoes, but unfortunately the nuns who participated in the race chose to walk. I was a little disappointed. I still hung around to participate in the rest of the events and support the school. I’m glad I did because at some point during the activities one of the sponsors of the event brought out two jump ropes and started doing a double dutch demonstration. They asked the sisters if they wanted to try it, which they did. Everyone, including myself, was surprised to see them so fully embrace the double dutching. I think the most surprising part was how much they enjoyed it. They completely shattered my expectation and stereotype of how I expected a nun to behave and express their emotions.

This image is an interesting one for me because most of my pictures are about elevating the mundane or making the everyday seem more dreamlike. That usually means doing a considerable amount of apping to achieve that effect. In this case, however, I simply cropped it and processed it in black and white. It was a special, whimsical moment that spoke for itself. I didn’t even notice the man in the center until afterwards. In many ways he’s the one who really ties the image all together.

I think in general, humanity, at least adult humanity, has decided to make life pretty boring.

I think in general, humanity, at least adult humanity, has decided to make life pretty boring. So many rules, systems, automatic this and automatic that. I remember as a kid feeling that the world was a scary place, but also a magical place, where literally anything was possible. I guess I’m trying to get back to that feeling. The way we’ve constructed everything in our adult world is a choice. With my pictures I try to encourage people to look at the world and their lives a little differently. Hopefully, encouraging them to make new choices.

Jose Chavarry

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