The Darkroom Series

Our friends WEAREJUXT are promoting some wonderful community building around mobile photography up in the Pacific Northwest. One of their first events is the DarkRoom Series, a fantastic gallery showing of Seattle area iPhoneographers.

The JUXT collective, in their own words…

“Juxt is the brainchild of four friends based in Seattle, WA.  We are enthusiasts of mobile arts.  We are fans of other art forms.  We are artists in other art forms. Juxt was formed with intentions to learn and share more about this emerging and amazing world of mobile device artistry.

For clarification purposes, Juxt is not a “team”.  We are mobile arts community members hoping to continue the already fruitful dialogue and relationship building that has emerged and grown through photo and video social networks such as Instagram.

Zeitgeist Coffee and Juxt presents a showcase of mobile device photographers from Seattle and the Puget Sound. Featured artists: Dan Cole, Ryan Coleman, Mellow Longfellow, Rachel Marie, Jenna Pool, Brad Puet, Bridgette S., Aaron Swan, Shaun Swalley, Jennifer L. Phillips-Dilly.

The Closing Ceremony will be on January 28, 2012 at 3 PM. This day will begin with a photowalk/shootout through Pioneer Square. This is an opportunity for Q&A with the photographers about their photographs, processes, and inspirations.

One of our favorite photographers here at the MPA is Brad Puet, a member of the JUXT collective. His photo work during the Occupy Seattle protests was honest, forthright and enlightening. Here’s one of his pieces on display now as part of the DarkRoom Series.

Brad Puet

If you’re in the area make sure to visit Zeitgeist Coffee at 171 S. Jackson St. in Seattle and enjoy the work in the Darkroom Series through January 28th.

Click for more information about the JUXT collective

The MPA is a sponsor of the DarkRoom Series.

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