The MPA Weekly Showcase for April 11-18

Welcome to the Mobile Photo Awards Weekly Showcase for April 11-18. This week’s selection features more excellent work from Michal Koralewski, a stunner from Paul Moore, mobile art from Olive Charlene and Catherine Restivo, a 9 image panorama from Safeco Field by Paul Marsh and much more from some of the bright lights on the mobile photography and art scene. Please enjoy the showcase!

Please keep those images coming and thank you for sending! Please visit the submission page to enter your images.

Sunset Surfers by Paul Moore

Portrait by Michal Koralewski

Pigeons in the Old Marketplace by Michal Koralewski

Walk this Way by Jen Pollack Bianco

Daphne by Nico Brons

Follow your Path by Olive Charlene

Cipolla in Florance by Robert Herold

Leap of Faith by Melissa Vincent

Time to Breathe by Deb Evans Braun

The Magic Vase by TJ Thomas

She Looks Alright to Me by Lu Guada

Untitled by Dirk Dallas

Children by Christian Cannon

I am Sam by Max Berkowitz

Still Life by Pay Marken

Altered State in Real Time by Catherine Restivo

When a Man Fails by Jamari Rushdi

Safeco Field – Opening Day 9 image Panorama by Paul Marsh

17 Comments on “The MPA Weekly Showcase for April 11-18

  1. Not only am I honored to be in this showcase, I’m also starting to see work that seems like next-gen “influenced by the work of Alan Kastner and Jen Bracewell” which is sort of super cool. And I really want to learn to surf.

    • I love your “walk this way” photo. I’d like to see “walk like an Egyptian” photo too!

  2. Would be nice if you required submissions to outline what apps were used in the creation of the art – especially for those like me who have zero experience in either digital photography or graphic design software – thanks

    • Hi Tracy – we hear you. We feel, however, that the MPA is more about sharing images and stories and less about “how-to” – there are many resources around the internet for tutorials – we are more focussed on the results and less about the process. Thanks for posting!

  3. Many congrats to all … this is a wonderful gallery of images!!

  4. Wow, thank you so much Daniel for including my piece! Such a beautiful and thoughtful set of images…very proud to be included. :D

  5. Thank you Dan, another stunning gallery, congratulations to everybody!

  6. So honored to be in the company of such amazing talent. Thanks for the feature, Dan. Best!

  7. Amazing pictures!! thank u for this awesome sélection!!!!

  8. Thank you MPA for picking my photo.. congrats to the rest!

  9. Great great images! Love Pay Marken’s crispy nostalgic still life. And Safeco! And… all of them! Thanks for including mine, Daniel.

  10. I’m really honored (no not honored everyone says they’re honored), I’m really happy…hmm, elated (i’m not actually that elated, truth be told) um…

    “I’m in some damn good company!”

    I think that works, I’ll post that.

  11. thanks oa lot om..
    berjuang untuk indonesia, hehe

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About the MPA

The Mobile Photo Awards were founded to promote the global phenomenon of mobile photography and art.  The awards are committed to presenting the art-form in galleries and exhibits. The MPA is the world's largest open gallery call and competition of its kind.
The Mobile Photo Awards were founded to promote and celebrate mobile photography and art. With fine-art exhibits, competitions and open gallery calls, the MPA is the world's largest event of it's kind.