The MPA Weekly Showcase for March 26-April 2

Welcome to the second Mobile Photo Awards weekly showcase. We were once again overwhelmed with quality submissions from all genres of mobile photography: from street photos to landscapes, from layered app-stractions to what we like to call “mobile art.” This week’s set prominently features kisses, kids, landscapes, appstractions and more…Due to the opening of the MPA exhibits in California last week we were unable to properly assess all of the weekly entries and publish in a timely fashion. Therefore, we have two weeks worth of images to feature. Today, we offer you the first of a two-part showcase. The second set will appear this weekend. As of April 12, all submissions will be considered and a showcase published in one week. Please limit your submissions to three per week.

Please keep those images coming and thank you for sending!

The Fog by Michal Koralewski

The Calm by Catriona Donagh

Red Bend by Robert-Paul Jansen

Jakarta’s Jockey Child by Rizal Renaldi

Someday My Prince Will Come by Jitsuda Masahiro

Blink by Mel Harrison

Waiting for a Sign by Catherine Restivo

Isolation by Lene Basma

Loving on the Edge by Christian Cannon

This Kiss by Bob Weil

The Kiss by Thomas Kakareko

Holding Hands with the Girl in the Red Coat by Paul Marsh

Sinful Red Lipstick by Jessy Menchaca

Valet Problems by Jen Pollack Bianco

The Ghost Cyclist by Hans Borghorst

Please look for part 2 of this week’s showcase this weekend!

Please submit for next week’s showcase by clicking right here.

5 Comments on “The MPA Weekly Showcase for March 26-April 2

  1. Great selection of images this week. All very creative and inspiring. Really like “THE FOG BY MICHEL KORALEWSKI”. There’s a starkness to the image that draws you in.

  2. Thanks for including my pic! Can’t wait to check out the OCCCA exhibit – it’s just a few miles down the road!

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About the MPA

The Mobile Photo Awards were founded to promote the global phenomenon of mobile photography and art.  The awards are committed to presenting the art-form in galleries and exhibits. The MPA is the world's largest open gallery call and competition of its kind.
The Mobile Photo Awards were founded to promote and celebrate mobile photography and art. With fine-art exhibits, competitions and open gallery calls, the MPA is the world's largest event of it's kind.