The Orange winner announced!

Let’s be clear: choosing one image from a list of 994 is nearly impossible and it’s inevitable that one’s final decision could change on any given day. There are dozens of brilliant images in the ORANGE album. Alas, we could choose but one to join the Mobile Photo Awards exhibit at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art this April.

Both Eyeem and the MPA each chose 25 images to form the top 50 you see here. Interestingly, there were about 10 crossover images that appeared in both final lists. That tells us that our choices were not random nor were favourites played. In the end, we both submitted a top three and both parties included what has become our winner.

Winning image by the artist Ginza

The artist Ginza submitted a range of exceptional images – if we had to choose one artist who really took on the challenge of ORANGE and succeeded it would be Ginza. We feel strongly that our choice represents both the spirit of the competition as well as a superbly crafted creative example of the possibilities of mobile art and photography. The image has an appealing tonal range, a well-placed sense of design, and layers of imagery that work effortlessly together. It also tells a compelling story while leaving the viewer’s imagination intact for further interpretation. We hope you agree.

Special mention should be given to Nicki Fitz-Gerald for her dynamic shot of the woman in the dress jumping in mid-air, to Roger Guetta for his haunting design of the shadow man and the circular numbers, to Graham Preston for the lovely composition of his scooter ride, to Suzan Mikiel for the woman at the cafe with the bird on her head, to FishEye Dreams for his man with the orange hat against the shadowed wall, to Alon Goldsmith for his wonderful through-the-legs shot of the man with the umbrella…I could go on. The variety was dynamic – the theme of ORANGE brought out the best in our mobile community, from street shots to design and everything in between. Thank you for submitting. The mobile photo and art community continues to dazzle!

Please see below for a slideshow of all 994 images! A gallery of the top 50 can be seen here

Daniel Berman aka @reservoir_dan

Founder Mobile Photo Awards

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About the MPA

The Mobile Photo Awards were founded to promote the global phenomenon of mobile photography and art.  The awards are committed to presenting the art-form in galleries and exhibits. The MPA is the world's largest open gallery call and competition of its kind.
The Mobile Photo Awards were founded to promote and celebrate mobile photography and art. With fine-art exhibits, competitions and open gallery calls, the MPA is the world's largest event of it's kind.