Where I Dwell – Street Photos by Travis Jensen

On the night of the Mobile Photo Awards exhibition premiere at the ArtHaus gallery we had the great pleasure of meeting San Francisco street photographer Travis Jensen. His passion for his craft is infectious – his talent undeniable. We had a wonderful chat about the importance of context, that is, working thematically with one’s images. Isolated pictures can be enticing but a coherent set of images tell a larger story. With this in mind, we offered Travis the opportunity to share his vision with the readers of the MPA Blog. Please enjoy this photo essay from the streets of San Francisco entitled “Where I Dwell.”

“San Francisco is my home. Though I wasn’t born here, I consider myself an honorary native as I’ve been living here now half my life. I came to The City fresh out of high school to be a part of a then thriving skateboarding scene. I’m 33 now. I grew up here, and San Francisco helped raise me.

I’ve truly seen it all in this town, everything from being shot at from pointblank range to witnessing the birth of my two beautiful children. I can’t really see myself living any place else, and I never get bored roaming the streets with a camera. I understand this city and its inhabitants — people from all walks of life, and they understand me. Every now and again I’ll have someone question what I’m doing to which I simply reply, “That’s what I do, I take pictures of people…”

“Where I Dwell” is a collection of candid street scenes, street portraiture and urban environmental scenes snapped on the streets of San Francisco over the last six months, give or take. All images were shot using Hipstamatic’s Blackeys Film and John S. Lens combo. No crops, tilts, or other app wizardry applied.

Be easy…”

Travis Jensen














Travis Jensen

To see more of Travis Jensen’s work please visit his website TRAVIS JENSEN PHOTO

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